About Antarctica

Antarctica is probably the most beautiful and awesome place any of us are ever likely to see in a lifetime of travel and exploration.

Protected by International Treaty, the continent’s wealth lies not in animal, vegetable or mineral resources but the continuation of its unique status as a peaceful, free, open, unmilitarised land of international co-operation, scientific research and unsullied beauty.

As a continent in the world ANTARCTICA:

is larger than Europe;

is twice the size of Australia;

is the highest continent;

is the coldest continent;

is the windiest continent;

is the driest continent;

has never had a native people;

is not owned by any nation;

is the last great wilderness in
the world.

The oldest buildings on the entire continent are only around 100 years old and are very few. They are the huts of explorers such as Scott and Shackleton.

I feel it is a privilege to have been lucky enough to visit on many occasions.

I hope my photographs on this site go some way to showing you what I have experienced.

Roger Slade