About me

My first pictures were taken when I was 8 years’ old. My father lent me his camera, a Voigtlander Brilliant, his 21st birthday present from his father. I remember taking pictures of steam trains at a level crossing near Clacton-on-Sea in Essex, close to my grandmother‘s home.

Since then my interest and expertise in photography has developed. My fascination in this means of self-expression has never faltered. I have probably covered all types of subject over the years. I am self-taught but have learned a great deal from other photographers and artists in general.

My fascination is with the image. I see photographic equipment as tools, as a means to an end, to the development of a true “seeing eye”.

My current obsession is with Antarctica and currently this site is devoted to my work in this part of the world. However recent commissions in the UK have included portraiture as well as wildlife workshops for the RSPB.

I hope you enjoy the images and would very much appreciate any comments in the “Contact Me” page of this site.

Roger Slade